In the Image of the Creator

Welcome to In the Image of the Creator.

This is the web site companion to the blog, Created to be like God.  The name of this welcome page –Created in the Image of God — combines some words from each of the titles of the two web sites.   The names of the two sites come from parallel passages in Ephesians and Colossians, both of which relate to changes in behavior as the new self is being transformed by the Spirit.

“…and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.” Eph. 4:24

“and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator.”  Col. 3:10

We were created to be like God; we were given the divine nature of God; we are being renewed in knowledge by the Holy Spirit into the image of true righteousness and holiness.

This is so important that we have called it the “Unified Field Law of Everything in the Universe.”   This idea sets the fundamental basis for the “why” behind all posts on both of these sites.  This idea brings focus and clarity to everything, as its name suggests.  It begins the following the introduction section.

Conceptual Neurotheology

Some (many? most?) people will find these two web sites pretty “theoretical” and conceptual, particularly this web site.  I am retired from answering to people categorized as an employer/manager/salary relationship (note how I skillfully avoiding including God and my wife in that category).  That means I don’t have to please anyone in the above category and my publications, my grant, my promotion, my job, my salary, my reputation, my peer status are not deterrents to my studying, pursuing, and reporting on whatever subject, area, or direction as God may lead.  I don’t have a department chairperson who will come in and say, “You actually think you can publish this stuff?  This is not tenure material, you know.”  I do not have to write material in preparation for a course for students — that usually has to have some direction and practical value and some tangible data to evaluate (i.e., make test questions).  I am free to go wherever God may lead, without all the rattling tin cans of “productivity evaluation” following me tied to my back.  I am not being paid to write.  Neither web site has advertising, and none is intended, so each web site is worth about 8 dollars.  If I were getting paid on the “number of hits” or “number of minutes,” I would have starved two years ago.

What I use these web sites for is to force me to try and express the concepts from scripture and nature that I am uncovering that are new and even revolutionary for me.  That means the posts on the web sites are a bit disorganized and even disoriented at times, because I am trying to express what are, at least for me, far-out, far-reaching, global concepts beyond multi-dimensional space and time.  Some posts are rather redundant with a previous post, because I have “started over” in my thinking and tried to again express the functions that control both the heavenly and earthly realms — as we can humanly comprehend them.

There are a number of posts on the createdtobelikegod web site that attempt to explain the incomprehensible.  These are likewise inadequate, with each attempt being like trying to take in a full landscape by looking through a peephole.  The posts inadequately describe only a part of it.

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129. The Unified Field Theory of Everything in the Universe  Fri, Apr. 5, 2013

All of the above posts, with three additional ones, are gathered in one long page here.

Web Site Continual Inflation

Like the universe, this web site is continually expanding.  As more thinking and searching produces more concepts and details, the site information increases on both ends of the organization spectrum.  On the detail end, it’s more about more; on the conceptual end, it’s less about more.

This riddle simply means that the more detailed information gets, the greater challenge to keep it organized and categorized into overarching concepts.  So, as more details are discovered and written and more pages and topics are added, how these details fit together changes the shape of some concepts, too.  The global overview of how the details fit together changes along with the details.

The more details of the revelation of God we can discover, the more information we have to fit together into a more complete image of the nature of God.  Discovery of new detail and synthesis of the detail into a global explanation must be continual processes.

We now have enough detail to make an overview, or “orientation,” helpful as an explanation of where all this information seems to be leading.  Even the introduction has to be revised, because we are discovering as we go.    The revelation of God doesn’t change, but our discovery and comprehension of God through revelation does change.  That perception of expansion is reality to us; God is just waiting for our knowledge to expand — to the fullness of God (Eph. 3:19).  It should be exponential – the more we learn, the greater the basis to learn even more.  Is the collective “brain” of the body of Christ saturated?  Does it have sensory overload?  Is the brain of the body of Christ assigning previous thinking and discoveries to “lower centers” like “reflexes?”  Just like we have reflex associations that produce favorable or unfavorable responses and attitude (first thing you “think of”), so the brain of the body of Christ develops automatic reflects called institutional doctrine that produces closure on discovery and judgmental attitudes on ideas that are different.

If anything, these web sites strive to break free of the traditional indoctrination of past interpretations and traditional thinking and to consider anything that opens new understanding and insight into the revelation of God.  Many of those who research and analyze such things are bound by their academic or religious affiliations. Unfortunately, some people discover too much, and they get the new far-out ideas.  They get themselves into trouble with the department chairman or the board of trustees or the the church elders or other traditional protectors of the doctrine (and money), and they can lose their jobs.  Established professionals have be be aware of those functional limitations.

If we are going to be open to receiving the revelation from the Spirit as He searches the mind of God (1 Cor. 2:6-16), there are a number of things that must be done.  These are just a few:

[1] Renewal of the mind.  Of course, the disciplines of Bible study, meditation, prayer, and openness.  But while these are being done, we should be aware of the need to think like God thinks.  Impossible?  Sure — at least to arrive, but we can make progress.  We can always try to approach data analysis with a perspective that beyond 3-dimensional — without spatial limitations — outside the physical realm.  Thinking that is grounded in scripture and not the paraphysical twilight zoned-out stuff  on the Internet.  Let us try to understand historical events in the scripture in light of God’s predestined plan for the creation.  Since God’s foreordained plan is eternal, starting before the creation of the world, before time began (1 Cor.2:7; 2 Tim. 1:9; Tit. 1:2; 1 Pet. 1:20), if we are to be a part of His plan we must think with an eternal perspective.  Transformation is being changed into something greater — into ever-increasing glory (2 Cor. 3:18), then we have to go beyond ourselves in our thinking – the renewal of our minds.

[2] Release and leave behind thoughts and attitudes that entangle and hinder us.  Flesh vs. Spirit; physical vs. spiritual; earthly vs. heavenly; temporal vs. eternal.  Our thinking must rise above those elements that are of this world — including institutionalized religion built on real estate, buildings, empires, human interpretations of scripture called doctrine, and financial self-preservation — and see the spiritual battle in which we are engaged, whether we realize we are in one or not.  Look with spiritual vision.  Here’s a “vision objective” — look for and see Jesus!

[3] Get the right priorities.  Anything that takes the place of becoming like God is idolatry.

[4] Understand this life and this creation is a dress rehearsal for an eternal fellowship with God.  We become more and more like God by rehearsing and copying the words and moves of the Master.  And, like the participants in a play, we practice the words and moves on one another.

The material and thoughts presented on these two web sites are not limited by externals – I have no job, no reputation, no contract, no opinions for me to protect, no grant, no position, no credibility.  I used to have doctrine to protect, but I was freed from that by the grace of God.  Now, any traditional thinking, idea, or doctrine is up for examination and scrutiny irrespective of who else thinks it or says it.  Sometimes I feel like a cat trying to get across a floor covered with oil.  There are so many directions to go that it is hard sometimes to get traction to follow one.

At least we can slide.

The “Introduction” is in three parts: (1) why do this, anyway? (2) a conceptual overview of where all this discovery process seems to be going and (3) a technical overview of the site organization and structure.

You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.  You shall be free to search for the truth.